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Alien Craft Found On Moon

alien craft found on moon 👉 Chinas Change 4s Yutu-2 probe is on the dark side of the moon making conspiracy theorists slide to the edge of their seats. There are some incredible structures I found hereabout 40 he continued.

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On January 18 2014.

Alien craft found on moon. Then I saw another and then another. As a result on Wednesday January 15 three Terrier-Orion rockets blasted off within a span of 20 seconds from NASAs Wallops Flight Facility between 1 am. Bergrun said that these mysterious crafts inhabit Saturn Uranus and Jupiter.

Eric Norton announced that there was an entire fleet of technologically advanced crafts seemingly lying in wait on the dark side of the moon. A Senate committee report has revealed a Pentagon UFO unit plans to release some of its findings to the public. On July 20 1969 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on Earths moon for the first time in human history.

He recently came out to reveal some amazing facts about his involvement with NASA in the late 70s. I found a structure in a NASA moon photo the other day Waring wrote on his website. The object appears to have a sharp head with rocket-like propulsions on its rear.

An enormous alien structure was they claim seen moving in the. Subscribe to Pandora Channel. Mr Waring wrote on the website ET.

Apollo 20 ET Discovered on UFO Craft on Moon at Deporte Crater Real NASA Photos. While Norton theorised what the fleets intentions might be others believed it was evidence of the Solar Warden program a supposed top secret and operational space fleet that has a permanent presence in our solar system and beyond. The object which vaguely resembled an X-Wing fighter as seen in the Star Wars films was supposed to have been a very large alien spacecraft which had crashed or was otherwise abandoned on the Moon in ancient times.

They say it was filmed by the Apollo Astronauts and a number of probes on the flyby missions. William Rutledge is retired and now lives in Africa. According to the New York Times the government program tasked to investigate.

ALIEN SPACE CRAFT FOUND ON THE MOON The story comes to us from a man who claims he was on a special NASA mission. The strange craft was found in a crater of the moon and alien hunters believe it could be salvageable. According to ufologist Vladimir Azhazha Aldrin and his companion stumbled upon to unidentified objects after their landing on the Moon.

The latest proof of alien existence once again on our moon comes to us today from UFO and alien expert Scott Waring who has spent the past several days analyzing photos from NASAs Apollo 15 mission the fourth American space mission to land on the moon. EST 0600 to 1000 GMT on hush-hush missions for the Department of Defense DoD. He described what he discovered on his website in two seperate entries the first being headed by the title 100 Proof Of NASA Taking Images Of Alien Structures On Earths Moon.

Four days later they along with Apollo 11 command module pilot Michael. Bergrun claimed that not only were Saturns ring plagued by alien spacecraft these otherworldly visitors may have been responsible for the creation of the rings. In his book Ringmakers of Saturn published in 1986 Dr.

UFOenthusiast Scott C Waring was the first to spot the ceramic style ship and used the size of the crater to give an estimate on the alien crafts size. Mona Lisa The Alien Girl Found On The Moon In 1976. The purpose of these missions was to investigate a large object on the far side of the moon in the Delporte-Izsak region allegedly discovered and photographed during the Apollo 15 mission.

In January 2012 NASA consultant Dr. Luna Base according to many UFOlogists is a newly discovered ancient Alien base on the far side of the Moon eg the side we never see. However as you can imagine it NASA censored it immediately.

Speaking of the moon prolific UFO and alien expert Scott Waring once again made another startling discovery this week while studying a photo taken by NASA. Moreover Aldrin even filmed a video of the UFO from inside however Aldrin refused to offer more details ending that the CIA took hold of his record. As part of the China Lunar Exploration Project and China National Space Administration the moon landing took place earlier this year setting its unmanned rover loose on the most mysterious lunar landscape.

While many conspiracy theorists have their eyes on Mars one UFO hunter has found something hovering in the dark one planet over. At least one enormous object of unknown origin has been visually verified as having landed on our moon. Apollo 12 astronaut Charles Pete Conrad stands by the US flag on the moon in 1969.

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