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Swg Crafting Guide

swg crafting guide 👉 Make Crafting Stations from CL 18 - 42. Thus crafting andor merchandise never becomes boring you simply select just what makes your day.


The following article about creating macros is based on a post by JoeCrimson on the SWG Craft website forums.

Swg crafting guide. It is a high-level dungeon filled with members of the Black Sun crime ring recruited by the Death Watch organization. Crafting is one of the most important parts of Star Wars Galaxies. 1 Jedi Padawans Guide for New Players 11 Rules of Thumb 12 Tansarii Point Station 13 Tatooine 131 Grinding 132 Legacy 133 Jabba 134 The Force Crystal 135 Life After Jabbas 136 Find a Guild 137 Declare for a faction 138 The Hero of Tatooine 14 Gaining XP 15 Jedi Equipment 151 The Lightsaber 1511 Jedi Lightsaber Progression 152 Jedi Robes This is written in response.

Crafting is one of the most important parts of Star Wars Galaxies. Make Gungan Head Statues from CL 86 - 90 The resources needed slightly less than actually. Further edits have been made for some slight adjustments found to be true in the live game today.

To be able to enter the bunker every group member should have spoken with Boba Fett in Jabbas palace. Droids 22 Droid chassis 23 Droid components 231 Subcomponents 2311 Engineering subcomponents 2312 Entertainer subcomponents 2313 Munitions subcomponents 2314 Structures subcomponents 24 Droid modules. Crafting Macro Harvester Setup Macro Mining Combat and Dealing with Agro List of Resources and Supposed Caps Introduction.

What the Macro Does Part III. The following threads were instrumental in setting up this guide AKA I yoinked info from them Guide to Aurilia. However not all crafting is that deep nor does it require mind-boggling preparations to be profitable.

Most NPCs are level 88. A Complete Guide to Armor and Armorsmithing This guide was created in order to provide both users and makers of armor with a comprehensive handbook about this highly important set of equipment. Get a level 90 trade in SWG within 3 hours by following this guide.

This will be a guide going step by step on how to craft a saber and what stats you look for. Its probably one of the most accessible crafting systems in any MMORPG to date and thanks to the open-ended skill system you can mix and match crafting with any of the other professions. Its quite a complex economy and for the most part it works well.

How to Modify the Macro If you are comfortable with the macro system check out the Advanced Crafting Macro Guide. The general idea behind crafting in Star Wars Galaxies is that you gather up resources from the landscape around you and combine them to make items whether its a gun droid or fancy hat. Current TC Info v20 Guide.

Using the Macro Part II. One of the unique elements of Star Wars Galaxies is that almost every usable item can be crafted by a player. From Non-FS to Jedi Padawan v15 huzzah Force Sensitive Crafting Quests.

Make Fountains from CL 42 - 86. 1 Overview 2 The Bunker 3 Quests 4 Crafting 5 Loot The Death Watch Bunker is located on Endor the nearest starport being the Endor Smuggler Outpost. One of the unique elements of Star Wars Galaxies is that almost every usable item can be crafted by a player.

Down below are the items that can be crafted by a Crafter. Its Assault armor and even though most armor certifications were. The Ultimate Crafting Macro This macro is verified as of 11 Jun 08 Part I.

General Crafting Lunariels Guide to Resource Shifts Savacc General Crafting Master Merchant and Vendors Zimoon General Crafting Recyclers 101 Zimoon General Crafting Jedi Jedi FAQ Cerceuil Jedi Reverse Engineering. Please remember that when you craft a lightsaber if you are after geting a 35 attachment on it to have Pylon cake and lightsaber assembly power-ups will ultimately give you a 100 chance to obtain a socket. Its quite a complex economy and for the most part it works well.

1 Skills 2 Experimentation 21 Deed for. 200000 metal 2000 aluminum 3000 steel 500000 low. 1 Original Article 2 Edits for current NGE game 3 PracticeIt MakeIt 4 Other notes 5 Non-bugged Macro 6 The perfect macro using 7 tools Looping 7 AutoSample by DealmanLooping 71.

The crafting system in SWG is way more sophisticated challenging and knowledge-based than any competitor wannabe. It is a composite of many of the helpful postings armorsmiths have made on the SOE armorcrafters board. 1 Current In-Game Mandalorian Armor Info 2 Professions Required for the actual crafting of a JetpackMandalorian Armor Part 3 History of Mandalorian Armor Crafting 4 Mandalorian Armor crafting Color Palettes This armor is constructed from Bounty Hunter armor and its schematics may only be crafted within the Death Watch Bunker.

Droid crafting is the process in which engineers combine droid chassis droid components and droid modules to assemble a complete droid. Down below are the items that can be crafted by a Crafter. In this guide you will learn what to make to quickly.

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